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T-Mobile MDA Saga… Part 3 of aahhhh…

Okay, as a software developer it pains me to have to give in and call tech support. …but I did.  And, well, I can happily say my MDA is working like a charm. First, if you have just bought an … Continue reading

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T-Mobile MDA Saga… Part 2 of #*$%!

Well, I’m officially annoyed.  I can’t get ActiveSync 4.2 to work.  And, now I’ve discovered that there is a ROM upgrade. With hindsight, Set a system restore point in Windows XP. Use the ActiveSync that comes with your phone… 4.1 … Continue reading

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Figuring out what a machine is on your network…

I use ZoneAlarm (free verson), and its log shows some entries of a machine talking to mine.  So what’s the best way to figure out what that other machine is? nbtstat can at least get me the DHCP "name" nbtstat … Continue reading

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T-Mobile MDA

Well, I just switched to T-Mobile from Cingular.  I’ve been a Cingular customer for years, but their silly (nicest word I can use right now) policy of treating existing customers with expired contracts as worthless is too much.  The phone … Continue reading

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Well, I’m trying a new offline Blog editor

We’ll have to see how it works.  I haven’t tried offline. Interesting.  It published that easily enough. I wish the editor would let me change the display font from Times New Roman.  Publishing was fast. Powered by Qumana

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