Oracle and getting Milliseconds from Sysdate… [Systimestamp]

First, you can’t.

Sysdate doesn’t support going to milliseconds.  However, starting with Oracle 9, you can getting milliseconds from another system source : SYSTIMESTAMP.

SELECT to_char(sysdate, 'HH24:MI:SS'), to_char(systimestamp, 'HH24:MI:SS.FF6') FROM dual;

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4 Responses to Oracle and getting Milliseconds from Sysdate… [Systimestamp]

  1. Phani Kumar says:

    Can u please eloberate as what exactly is FF6 / FF5 will return? And if you substract one systimestamp datatype from other, what it will return and what will be the output datatype?

  2. piyush says:

    select to_timestamp(to_char(systimestamp(3),’YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS:FF3′),”) from dual

    can this display result in format ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS:FF3’ anyway i want result in time stamp data type only and in this format for inserting it into tables

  3. jasonvogel says:

    I actually moved my Blog to The version at this URL is up to date, and includes at least some of what you’re looking for.


  4. bu aralar cok yorgun ve yogun oldugumdan pek internetle ilgilenememistim.. rahatsizlandigini ancak simdi ogreniyorum sevgili saadet.. cok gec bir gecmis olsun dilegi olacak malesef benimki…ama su an anladigim kadariyla daha iyisin cok sukur..ntekrar cok gecmis olsun..  Come on

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